Integration....and a hurdle

I have been able integrate the K30 CO2 sensor and the Atlas-Scientific pH sensor together. This is excellent news for me, as this is the rudimentary requirements to monitor fermentation. I plan to also integrate a temperature probe. However, first, I discovered that there is a slight problem in my work. If you look at the image below, you can see the incoming values of pH (not labeled) and the readings from the CO2 sensor.

pH and  CO  2   sensor readings

pH and CO2 sensor readings

As soon as the CO2 sensor values increase, the pH readings go a bit crazy. What is 3.563.56 pH? Wonky, that's what. I think the issue here might be the fact that I'm sharing power from the bread board to both components. So, before going further, I'll need to first figure out how to ensure that both sensors are stable and accurate.

Then, once that is working, and the temperature probe is included, I will need to port the values into MAX/MSP to allow for the signification of the data. I also need to look at the values I'm getting from the sensors and figure out how best to interpret that data within Max so that I can use them thoughtfully to drive sound.

Hopefully I can accomplish this over the weekend.